Object to the relocation of the Midwood Station Post Office

In the coming months, the USPS is planning to close the Midwood Station Post Office due to loss of lease and reopen it near Kings Highway, over a mile away and outside the 11230 ZIP code. Objections can only be made by sending a physical letter to the USPS leasing office in North Carolina.

Rather than write a letter and mail it off yourself, you can use this form to generate and mail a letter to the USPS objecting to this relocation! Generate the letter for free, and if you wish you can then mail it for $1.50 (covering the cost of text generation, payment processing and mailing via the OpenAI, Stripe and Lob APIs). If you'd prefer to mail the letter yourself, simply copy the letter that's generated - free!

Curious what the final product looks like? Check out a sample letter here.

While I never have any access to your payment info, the contact information you provide and the letter you generate may be retained by our API partners, who use industry-leading security safeguards.

This service is provided by your friendly neighbor Josh Sucher.